Challenging team building with a sustainable story | Down South Events

A unique team building exercise with one assignment: causing a chain reaction fed by wind and solar energy!

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Challenging team building with a sustainable story

A unique game that puts your cooperation to the test! You work in teams to cause a chain reaction. You build these with first-class materials and feed it with wind and solar energy. The ultimate team building activity during which sustainability and green energy are the focus. Now also possible as an online activity!

Earn parts with collaboration and communication

By answering various questions, you can earn extra parts for the chain reaction. Do you receive a spectacular finish with your sustainable knowledge? Then you will definitely be the first to cross the finish line!

A sustainable, exciting and online competition

The purpose of the chain reaction is to set the sailing car in motion. Can you do this? Several sources of energy are processed in the chain reaction. Experience an exciting competition and learn more about sustainability! Online you work just as hard. Receive the materials at home and work together via telephone. A perfect way to achieve your goals.

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