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The smallest details make all the difference. At Down South Events we know all about this. We think outside the box, we veer off the beaten paths and look with passion and wholeheartedly for a creative solution that is suited to your ideas. Never a precreated program, but a unique and creative plan based on your personal wishes and goals. In these plans we always love to use the idyllic, wooded area that is typical for the surroundings of South-Limburg and everything beautiful that the Burgundians have to offer.

This way we organize brand promotions, for which we think of concepts to deliver the brand identity with a valuable event. But also private events, for which the complete organization from question to aftercare can be trusted in the hands of

Down South Events, teambuilding with a diversity that corresponds with the intented goal en detailed corporate parties which colleagues will remember for a long time after.

Our mission

Delivering high-quality customized overall concepts. A unique and with care created experience that will be carried out by our professional and enthousiastic employees, during which your company and intended objectives are leading.


Being market leader in our area and surroundings, where we deliver high-quality full concept events in a professional and reliable way.

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Recent Project
Ronald McDonald Huizen Limburg

What our customers say

From a plan to a GRAND benefit dinner!

This evening will for Ronald McDonald Houses Limburg always be remembered as extraordinary succesfull.

Everything was taken off our hands, from the invites to the reception, from entertainment to the exceptional dinners, completely unburdened and stylish.

This is what we call entrepeneuring with the heart in the right place.

Ronald McDonald Huizen Limburg
Ronald McDonald Huizen Limburg
Privéfeest Damen

What our customers say

The many laudatory reactions we received from our guests, make the day even more special and this is something you contributed to for a big part!

Peter & Jeannette Damen

Privéfeest Damen
Privéfeest Damen
Apple Bandit

What our customers say

Apple Bandit the apple cider planned a meeting with the complete marketing and sales department. One of the goals was to stimulate, inspire and surprise the employees in a creative way to feel and taste the Apple Bandit ambience. We took the guests with us to places where apple cider plays an important role.

Also during the meeting and diner in Chateau st. Gerlach we took the effort to adjust the decoration to accommodate the true Apple Bandit feeling. Apple Bandit trusted our way of working completely, which allowed our creativity to run free. We bought no less than 500 apples from local farmers, and hung these in the dining room above the table. The guests found themselves in a décor made completely from apples. That is the real Apple Bandit brand. And of course, the fox could not be left out!

Apple Bandit
DAF Trucks

What our customers say

It’s rare to come across such a good event agency as Down South. Young, dynamic, efficient and especially creative, are some of the first words that come to mind. Nothing is too much.

DAF Trucks
DAF Trucks

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