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Down South Epertise - Weddingplanner
Our wedding planners will make your wedding the best day of your life

You must have thought and talked a lot about it since the moment of getting engaged: the day. Your wedding day, on which your dreams come true. The day your love is celebrated in front of your friends, family and other loved ones. At the wedding you as a bridal couple naturally want to pay close attention to each other and to your guests. Not to all suppliers and all things that still need to be arranged for the wedding party. Our wedding planners take care of the entire wedding day, from start to finish. They will make your dream wedding a reality, so that you only have to enjoy it.


A lot is involved in the organization of a wedding. Throughout the organization, our wedding planners take into account your wishes and your image of the big day. You will always have a single point of contact, who will guide you through the entire process from the first consultation on out. Together you will look for the perfect wedding styling and a wedding location that seamlessly connects to it. The invitations also fully match the theme by developing your own house style and logo. Our wedding planners take care of the processing of the RSVPs, the decoration of the location, the script and the photographer. During the wedding day itself, the wedding planner also functions as master of ceremonies.

Given the full concept nature of the weddings we organize, we advise to take into account a budget of at least € 20,000.

Say yes during a beautiful ceremony

The ceremony is the most emotional and intimate part of the wedding. You may meet for the first time that day and declare in front of all your loved ones that you will spend the rest of your lives together. For such an emotional moment, we arrange a professional wedding official who guides the ceremony appropriately. After exchanging the vows and the wedding rings, the party is not yet over! We provide champagne, wedding cake and, if necessary, wedding transport to an external location where a dinner, party or other form of celebration takes place. After all, it's your day!

The wedding party

You are married, that should be celebrated! After the wedding reception and the opening dance, the party starts. The wedding planner provides the right entertainment and decoration for your wedding party. Whether you choose a DJ or live band, our entertainment ensures a full dance floor! The bridal couple and the guests will enjoy an evening full of delicious snacks and drinks with plenty of entertainment such as a photo booth and other necessary surprises.

Renew your vows

By renewing the vows, you promise to be faithful to each other again and to stay together for the rest of your life. Such a beautiful thought is in need of a beautiful party! Whether you want to celebrate this small and intimate or large and exuberant, our wedding planners will help you organize the party and set up the ceremony.

The ultimate wedding checklist

Many steps must be followed when organizing a wedding. During the entire process, our wedding planners keep an eye on whether everything is arranged before the wedding. Still, it is nice to keep a checklist yourself. We would like to lend a hand there. Here are the main points to cross off when organizing a wedding:

  • Get inspired. Create a mood board and brainstorm together about what your day will look like. Not only do you get a clearer picture of the wedding, but it also provides a lot of fun. 
  • Determine your wedding budget. Based on the budget, important choices can be made. You will have a better picture of what the wedding will look like.
  • Make a guest list. By making a guest list it becomes clear how many people come to the wedding and whether this is within your budget.
  • Set the wedding date and wedding location. And - not unimportant - don't forget to ask for time of from your job.
  • Notify everyone. Send the save the dates and invitations on time and create a website so that everyone can stay informed. Ask your witnesses, bridesmaids, groomsmen, master of ceremonies and other important persons. Also consider arranging a menu, table cards, thank you cards and a guest book.
  • Book the entertainment for the wedding. Think not only of the band or DJ for the party and (live) music for the ceremony, but also of a photo booth, a photo and videographer who record everything and entertainment for invited children.
  • Book catering. Think about the wedding cake, dinner, lunch, snacks and drinks. The best caterers provide food that is tailored to the theme, such as original food trucks or a wedding cake in the right colors! 
  • What will you look like on the wedding day? Do not wait too long to try on a wedding dress and/or wedding suit and to book a make-up artist and hairdresser. Don't forget the wedding rings! 
  • Decorate your weddig location(s). Think not only of your own appearance, but also of the decoration of the wedding location! Which flowers do you choose, is there a certain style or theme and should everything be the same color?
  • Make a script. Plan the day and discuss it with your witnesses and master of ceremonies, so that everyone is informed.

Does this all seem too much to handle? Our wedding planners ensure that everything is arranged. Contact us to receive more free information.

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