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Down South expertise - Verblijf en Beleef Limburg
Down South Epertise - Verblijf en Beleef Limburg
Experience the Burgundian life

We believe in enjoying life together. Together you make the most beautiful memories, so take your time! And where better to do that than in the Sunny South? South-Limburg has so much to offer. From relaxing in the beautiful surroundings to a city trip to lively and characteristic cities such as Maastricht and Valkenburg. Experience the Burgundian life and hospitality during an original day out with the best activities and go on an adventure in the city during a relaxed evening program! Whatever form it takes, a holiday in Limburg will certainly not get boring. We are happy to help organize accommodation and activities in this beautiful province.

The most beautiful accommodations

Stay in an accommodation that suits your company and the purpose of your holiday. Are you real outdoor people and do you want to enjoy nature and the wonderful weather? Then choose a campsite in the middle of the surroundings of Limburg. Do you like extensive cooking and long evenings together? Our group accommodations are ideal for this. Choose a luxury holiday house or apartment and enjoy the privacy and each other's company. Would you rather relax and enjoy luxury? South-Limburg contains countless luxury and beautiful hotels where you can completely relax!

Activities for young and old

Just like the accommodation, the activities are also adapted to your company. The choice for filling in your stay depends entirely on your preferences. Do you opt for sporty, culture, nature, culinary or a combination of two or more of these? During your stay you can enjoy outdoor activities in nature, such as a bike ride, herbal walk or a tailor-made rally. Enjoy delicious food and drinks together during delicious tastings. Or opt for a cooking workshop with an educational or competitive touch. If you really want to do unique activities, the caves of Valkenburg should not be missed. Go on an adventure in the marl quarry while hiking or cave biking!

Curious about our offer? Please feel free to contact one of our event managers!

From bachelor party to family weekend

You don't have to have an excuse to go out in the Hill Country, but it is a great way to celebrate! Always let us know why you choose a holiday or weekend trip to Limburg so that we can take this into account. With a bachelorette outing we of course put the party animal in the spotlight, and during a family day or friends weekend we provide suitable activities for the whole family or group of friends. Whatever you choose, our custom events will surprise the entire party!

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