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Down South expertise - Gezinsuitjes
Down South Epertise - Gezinsuitjes
The best outings for the whole family!

You are going out with the family! But what are you going to do? How do you come up with an original and fun activity for young and old every time? We like to think along with you! Below you will find a selection of our options. Book directly via +31 6 30 66 66 66 or e-mail one of our event managers at myra@downsouth.nl.

We love activities with a little action!
  • Take a unique mountain bike tour through the beautiful surroundings of the Limburg hill country and be surprised by the environment that our mountain bike guide shows you. Naturally, the guide will adapt the pace of the mountain bike tour to your group.
  • A Segway tour is really original! Discover the area on a Segway under the guidance of our Segway guide.
  • Compete in the Highland Games and win tree trunk drag, cobblestone, tug of war, archery and more with your clan!


The best activities for young and old
  • Our car rally's should of course not be missed in this list. Go on a rally in an old duck or classic beetle and experience the best rally activities along the way!
  • Discover the underground network of tunnels in the tourist city of Valkenburg during the cave tour or cave biking. Our guide will lead you on a mountain bike or on foot through the impressive tunnels.
  • Who would have thought that herding sheep was so difficult? Try to get the sheep in their pen during an afternoon of sheep herding full of humor, fun and cooperation!
  • Experience a humorous workshop and get started with music, schmink and more!


Enjoy real Down South Events outings with your entire family
  • Make your own Limburg pie during the pie baking workshop. Learn the tricks of the trade and take a delicious pie home.
  • Experience the herb walk in beautiful surroundings and get to know the various indigenous plants that grow in the calcareous South Limburg!

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