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Down South expertise - Thema catering
Down South Epertise - Thema catering
Thematic catering like you've never tasted before

The theme of your event is of course visible in the location and decoration, but have you already considered having it reflected in the catering? Entirely in line with the theme of the event, we create a suitable culinary interpretation. We build stands, have food trucks come or let our chefs prepare an appropriate and unique menu. Everything so that your guests are completely immersed in the theme of your event. Think of a summer festival with cocktail bar and food trucks, cheerful snacks that fit your 80's theme or perhaps the typical Oktoberfest beer mugs and food.

Culinary business theme

Of course, your event can also be decorated in company theme. In that case we ensure that the food and drink matches. For this we use appropriate colors, or let us keep returning your logo. Not only on the food itself, but also on the cups and napkins used by the guests.


In addition to the concept catering, we can of course also create an entire experience. Choose a complete event, including decoration, staff, location and so much more for our customized theme events!

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