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Down South Epertise - Proeverij
Beverage & Food: Taste it!

Taste the fruity notes in your wine, the healing herbs from nature and strong whiskey during one of our tastings. During a tasting at your or our location you will be introduced to new drinks, herbs and snacks. You will get to know the various flavors in your wine and the different functions of herbs from the hills of Limburg. During a tapas tasting you will taste surprising snacks, and during a gin, beer and whiskey tasting you will get to know your own preference.

Professional guidance

Under professional guidance you will enjoy an afternoon or evening! Our beer sommelier has been working with beers for years, brews them himself and knows so much about it. Our wine expert will convey a love of wine to you. Not only will the counselors teach you a lot about what you are tasting, you will also receive a comprehensive answer to all your questions. This way you not only have a delicious tasting, but you also learn a lot of new facts!

Tasting to complement your event

We can organize a tasting as a standalone activity. You can even do this at your own location. But we can also make it an entire event. How about a wonderful herbal walk through nature with a guide who will teach you all about the herbs you encounter. After this you take a seat to taste the herbs yourself. Or an extensive tour through a wine cellar or vineyard in Maastricht, after which you can drink the wine yourself?

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