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Down South expertise - Private rally events
Down South Epertise - Private rally events
Adventure rallies are our specialty!

A clear blue sky, bright sun and the wind blowing through your hair while you tour the Hill Country in a beautiful classic car... Our car rally events provide that real Down South feeling. You will set off together on an adventurous trip and encounter the most beautiful hidden spots in South Limburg along the way. Teamwork, togetherness and above all enjoyment are paramount! We arrange every moment of the rally. From beautiful cars, assignments and enthusiastic employees who guide you, to various locations, routes and a great prize for the winning team!

Customized rally

Our event managers make a unique setup for every rally. No group and therefore no rally are the same! They look at the group composition and the preferences you have. Do you prefer sports activities or puzzles? Then we adjust the rally accordingly. But also rallies with an emphasis on culinary or culture are part of our repertoire. A combination of all this is of course also possible!

Due to the full concept nature of the rally, we offer it from €250,- per person.

Pick your ride!

Our cars are ready to leave with your group. It is up to you to choose which mode of transport you use on the road.

  • The classic 2CV is the perfect oldtimer to drive a car rally. Experience the Hill Country from one of our colorful deux chevaux and enjoy the idiosyncratic character of the car with the roof open.
  • An old beetle is another great example of a car with character. During the beetle rally you not only enjoy the environment and the fantastic activities, but also your beetle convertible in between the activities.
  • An authentic vespa offers a completely different perspective than the previous classic cars. Take a beautiful route with the whole group on a characteristic scooter.
  • The modern Tesla is the perfect choice for an environmentally friendly and green rally. Enjoy the luxury, style and atmosphere that this fantastic car brings.

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