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Down South expertise - Kookworkshop
Down South Epertise - Kookworkshop
Have fun and create a delicious dinner all by yourself

Who will be the new top chef? Create the most delicious dishes during one of our unique cooking workshops. There is as much as possible. We will devise a unique culinary program based on your specific wishes. For example, opt for a competitive program, in which you try to make the best dish in teams. Or create your own dinner, go shopping in our shop full of local products and present the dish to the rest. The cooking workshop takes place at your own location, or at a location that we provide for you. For example in a rustic Limburg country house or in a beautiful outdoor location!

A culinary team event

Due to the nature of the cooking workshop, this can be used very well for team building and staff events. You learn to think about a dish together, work out how you will approach it and, above all, work together to achieve the best end result. Under the guidance of our professional supervisors, you will also learn more about pure and healthy ingredients, and the use of new cooking techniques.

What are you going to cook?

Do you also feel like cooking and eating? A selection of the delicious options:

  • Limburg cooking with the regional products that can be found here.
  • Italian cooking under the guidance of a true Burgundian Italian chef.
  • Burger workshop on the Ofyr barbecue to create your own signature burger.
  • Sushi workshop to finally learn for yourself how to make the perfect sushi rolls.
  • Cocktail workshop for learning to shake and stir your own cocktail.



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