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Down South expertise - Client events
Down South Epertise - Client events
Our client events effectively ensure networking

As an entrepreneur you have a permanent customer base, a wide network and contact with possible new relations. You can do business every day with this network. But when do you have personal contact with your relations? And how do you really show who you are and what your company stands for? A customer event or customer day is an appropriate and professional way to get to know your customers better. Moreover, it gives your customers the opportunity to get to know you and your company better. A successful relationship event also results in an expansion of your customer base, receiving meaningful feedback and mutual inspiration. All this will ensure beautiful new assignments!

A customer day from A to Z

What suits your company and network best? A cozy meeting with company presentation and walking dinner? An extensive open day where you show what is possible within your company? Or do you take it even bigger and opt for a conference, fair or symposium? Wherever you prefer, we organize this from plan to evaluation. One of our event managers is your point of contact and arranges the suitable location for your meeting, invitations, catering, speakers, entertainment and much more. Our employees are skilled in hospitality and provide the desired corporate image!

Tips for a successful event

Whether your preference is for an intimate or grand event, the necessary tips will get you started!

-        Think about the target group and the purpose of the event. Why do you want to organize this and for whom?

-        Make sure you stand out and offer an event with added value. Why should a customer choose your event? Provide a striking name, original invitation and especially a program with added value.

-        Make a script so that everyone knows exactly what happens when and so that you discover possible gaps in the program or organization in time.

-        The right promotion ensures a well-attended event! Create a separate website, create folders and promote the event on social media.

-        A goodie bag with business card, folder and items with your brand ensure that the customer will not soon forget you.

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