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Down South expertise - Kerstevent
Down South Epertise - Kerstevent
It's Christmas again! Time for a Christmas event

Our team specializes in coming up with creative concepts, decoration and styling for events. Beautiful Christmas parties are also part of this. Are you looking for an intimate culinary meeting, or a big party with the corporate identity of your company at the center? It's all possible with us!

A Christmas setting is not complete without a beautiful Christmas tree. Create a warm atmosphere with a Christmas tree decorated in the desired style. How about a tree decorated with the colors of your company? Possibly provided with wrapped Christmas gifts!

Christmas-themed hostesses

Our hostesses create the perfect experience for your guests or customers with the right approach and appearance. Also, in the field of fire promotion! We dress our hostesses in detail in your style for a perfect representation of your brand. Our Christmas themed hostesses will complete your party!

Shop the Christmas package

Thank you to your employees for a successful year with a creative and personal Christmas package! Your team goes out to put together their own Christmas package during assignments. A custom-made end of the year!

Christmas photographer

Beautiful tangible memories for your guests are created by our Christmas photographer. Take professional photos with Santa, or in another atmospheric setting!

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