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A unique and carefully composed experience, performed by our professional event managers

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Down South expertise - We host your event
Down South Epertise - We host your event
Our crew members create a perfect atmosphere and hospitality

Your event is organized, your guests are invited. How do you ensure that they will never forget your event? Our crew members create the right atmosphere and hospitality. Down South Events is surrounded by a team of enthusiastic employees, who always dedicate themselves diligently to every event and every guest. During your event they represent your company in a professional way, through their clothing, styling, hospitality and the information they offer your guests.

Our crew members

For your event we choose suitable employees who take the event to the next level. Who can we take to your event?

-        Hosts and hostesses who immediately provide the right impression through a snack, drink and smile. They are the point of contact during your event and, dressed in theme, ensure the right appearance.

-        Technicians take care of the light, sound and construction of all this.

-        Catering and bar staff are an important part of your event, by making unique snacks and drinks.

-        Wardrobe staff who ensure that everything goes through quickly at the entrance.

-        Parking employees who in turn manage everything in front of the entrance.

-        And so much more! Whoever you need, they are there for you.

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