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Down South expertise - Highland Games
Down South Epertise - Highland Games

The Scottish flag is hoisted... Let the games begin! You go for the win in a fierce battle between the clans. Trunk towing, cobblestones, tug-of-war, horseshoe throw, holding up weight with outstretched arms, throwing tire around a pole and archery. Of course, we provide the atmosphere, fire pits and as a reward for the hard work a delicious glass of whiskey.

The Highland Games are perfect for team building and company outings, but you will also have lots of fun with family and friends. Expand the Highland Games with a fantastic barbecue. Our fire masters prepare the food on our Ofyr Barbecue, while you can enjoy a wonderful day!

“If you want to have a staff day where you have to work together and have a lot of fun: do the Highland Games!”

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