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Down South expertise - Beurzen en Congressen
Down South Epertise - Beurzen en Congressen
Your conference, fair or annual meeting in our hands

Achieving your annual goals largely depends on a strong team, brand and network. You don't build this up by sitting in the office day in and day out, but by going outside. By gaining knowledge about your field and exchanging information during an interesting symposium or conference and exchanging events and setting goals for the future during an annual meeting. But also, by introducing your network to your company and brand during a lively trade fair and having your team work together optimally during a team meeting. Organizing each of these events involves a lot of work, which you do not have much time for besides your daily activities. We provide a complete and professional meeting, fully in line with your wishes and objectives.

From brainstorming session to evaluation

The entire event is taken up by us. This includes the parts below. If you would like to be informed about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact one of our event managers.

  • Preparation and inspiration. We assign one event manager and point of contact to you. Together you discuss all wishes and possibilities for your event. Our event managers always take your vision and objective into account when organizing the event.
  • Concept development. By means of the planned event you would like to achieve a specific goal. By organizing the event in the right way, we ensure that the objectives are achieved. Our event managers therefore work out a concept with a subject and theme, take care of the entire project management and ensure that the event matches the target group.
  • Budget. By creating a budget, it becomes clear what the possibilities are and which parts are most important to you. This is of course done in consultation.
  • Program implementation. Without a program there is of course no event. In line with your vision, we provide the right speakers, suppliers and exhibitors. We also provide appropriate entertainment.
  • Location. The success of your event largely depends on the location. The atmosphere must suit your purpose and the location must be large enough and easily accessible. If there is a need for an overnight stay, we also arrange the hotel and further accommodation. We choose a suitable event location for your congress, fair or conference. Of course, we can also organize an event at your location. We provide appropriate decoration, light and sound.
  • A hospitable approach. Not only the organization is taken care of by our event managers. Our professional staff is on site throughout the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This includes hostesses in theme who receive the guests, bar staff and valet.
  • Promotion. The organization stands. Now the participants have yet to be informed. We take care of the entire marketing of the event. This starts with creating a suitable website and corporate identity, sending invitations and processing RSVPs, and is implemented in managing social media and other communication, arranging photography and videography, developing and issuing goodie bags and more.
  • Script. The entire team is informed by a clear timetable, checklist and step-by-step plan so the structure of the event is clear to everyone.
  • Evaluation. After the event, we also take care of the entire aftercare, paying the suppliers and an evaluation.
Professional virtual solutions

Chances are that you had small or large events planned this year that are not taking place now. At least not in the way you intended. A large-scale conference in which participants may be flown in will in all likelihood not be able to continue as planned. Or maybe an online meeting is completely in line with your target group and way of working. This requires thinking, adjusting and switching. We like to think along with you. Our virtual conference and live communication options are efficient, fast and equipped with advanced technology. In addition, we also continue to do online what we are good at: implementing the identity of your organization in every possible way. We think it is important that the participants continue to experience this in a personal way.

Switch on via any possible device and experience a committed way of communicating through professionally directed online communication. In addition, our special custom packages contribute to the experience. Think of a total concept including the same back walls, live video and switching between various locations. Your company identity and team always remain central.

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