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Down South expertise - Bedrijfsthema en identiteit
Down South Epertise - Bedrijfsthema en identiteit
Your company as a common thread during your event

Whatever reason you have for a staff party or customer event, the event location and associated decoration is so important. The right decoration increases the atmosphere and immediately sets the right tone! Whether you choose to have your location converted into a party location, or let us arrange a location, the decoration in your corporate identity is a surprising aspect for your guests. So let your corporate identity and colors form the common thread of your event!

A company party in every aspect

The corporate event can be decorated in various aspects in your corporate identity:

  • A carpet leads guests to the entrance. Red, yellow, green? This is the color of your corporate identity.
  • Hosts and hostesses stand at the entrance to welcome guests and offer a drink or snack. Their clothing matches your colors and they wear your logo in the hair.
  • The catering is of course also adapted to your corporate identity. Whether this concerns the color palette or crockery with your logo.
  • The decoration fits perfectly in your business style. Appropriate flowers on the table, beautiful staff photos on the wall ... Whatever you choose, we will take care of it.
  • Light and sound should absolutely not be missed. The lamps shine in your company colors!



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