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Down South expertise - Bedrijfsborrel
Down South Epertise - Bedrijfsborrel
Achieve your business goals through an informative business drink

After the summer, when the whole team is back from vacation, you can get back to work in good spirits to finish the year! It has been a turbulent year, full of adjustments, setbacks but also new opportunities. Maybe you have been together in the office for a while, maybe you will work together "live" again from now on. Whatever applies to you, a reunion at the office can be a good moment. Especially in this day and age. An informative company drink is therefore ideal! You discuss the past months, the figures and what the coming months will look like. A perfect way to catch up and motivate each other!

A selection of the possibilities for your company drink
  • A location that meets all your wishes and needs. Of course we can also transform your own location into a suitable place for this event.
  • Audiovisual resources that match the business objectives and what you want to achieve that day.
  • Appropriate food and drinks should of course not be missed. Our bar staff provides tasty drinks while the chefs prepare various snacks. Or do you prefer an all-inclusive lunch or dinner?
  • Hostesses and other staff ensure that the entire event runs smoothly, all colleagues feel welcome and that there are constant points of contact.
Together we brainstorm about the possibilities

Certainly with all the measures regarding COVID-19, there are many things to take into account. Obviously, we don't want this to get in the way of achieving your goals. Our event managers are happy to think along with you about all the possibilities. They are trained to see solutions and to deal with the measures in place.

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