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Down South Epertise - Afscheidsdienst
Say goodbye during a special funeral service

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, regardless of the circumstances. You are entering a difficult time when you want to focus as much attention as possible on your grief and the people around you. If the loved one was very close to you, you are expected to organize a funeral service in some form. We know that during this period your mind is not focused on organizing a suitable and atmospheric farewell service or other form of gathering in detail. That is why we are happy to take this out of your hands. Entirely based on your wishes and in keeping with the thought of your loved one, we organize a memorial that suits the gathering with family and friends, sharing memories and saying goodbye.

Location, food and decoration

The location of the farewell service largely determines the atmosphere of the commemoration. This can of course take place at a location that suits the deceased and the company present. For example, we provide memorial services at locations that were special for the loved one and his/her next of kin. In this way a very special funeral is created. By providing beautiful tents and the right decoration, a beautiful commemoration can be set up at every possible location. Of course we also provide lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks as desired.

An appropriate farewell service with due observance of the RIVM rules

During this time, a joint commemoration is perhaps even more important than usual. The measures imposed by the government make organizing a farewell service difficult, but far from impossible. It is precisely now that we are happy to use our resources to create a special commemoration. We take into account the location, the recommended distance between those present and hygiene with regard to, among other things, the catering. For questions or advice you can always contact our event managers.

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