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We provide customized solutions based on your request

At Down South Events, it really is all about the experience. You will be welcomed with lots of love and warmth by Giulia, Ler and the team. They will make sure you feel at home. As employee, you are always there for them with pleasure whenever an event is planned. Every event there is something new to discover, whether this is a location, activity or cooperation. This makes working with Down South Events so much fun: it’s always different!

With a healthy mix of the unique Limburg and creating a personalized event, events of a high quality are created. There is something for everyone. With passion and fun planning and realizing an event, makes the real Down South experience come forward.

Now and then driving a narrow dirt road or through a forest is not unknown during the events. The unique and beautiful locations often are not located next to the main road. Down South Events knows how to find the most breathtaking locations and place them within an event in an appropriate manner!

‘Discover, experience, enjoy’ describes Down South Events perfectly, because during an event you do, feel and see nothing else then these three beautiful words!

Sjuul - Eventmanager
Sjuul - Eventmanager

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