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We provide customized solutions based on your request

Down South Events is unique because of owner Giulia. Her strength is selling a concept for which a client needs to trust her. I think it’s amazing how she can exceed the expectation of the client each time!

Everything is possible at Down South Events! No matter how last minute you call on us, how detailed or even blank your wishes are: the client is carefree, and the Down South team takes care of every detail. During a time when businesses are worried about the work ethic of the current generation does Down South Events certain stand out. The team exists out of beaming and passionate employees who do not focus on anything else than providing the client an unforgettable time.

The variety in my tasks makes it difficult to describe these. Because of the open and growing attitude, it is possible to be valuable in different areas within the work duties and the team. This may manifest itself in for example the preparation of an event as event manager, or within the team during the day of the event itself. My added value is partially in the area of the thought process with the clients and the vision for the future of Down South Events, and partially bringing my A-game during an event.

The most awesome event, I think, is a program during which the client stays overnight. The bond with the client and the moments during which the client is surprised with all the details are best carried out during those moments. In my opinion, the client does then really feel at how many moments we prepared everything in detail and are there for them with enthusiasm late in the evening but also early in the morning. Because of this, the client of the group is truly carefree and can also enjoy the event themselves.

Simone - Eventmanager
Simone - Eventmanager

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