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We provide customized solutions based on your request

The customer is the center. That makes Down South Events so special for me. Of course, this is a goal, a way to live by, of more organizations than just this one. However, I have never seen this been done the way Down South Events does it. Down South Events organizes events in a very personal way and makes it a priority to adjust every event to the client the best they can, without getting pretentious but in a pleasant, informal way. Sometimes with a joke and a laugh, but always invisible at the right moments while everything is perfectly organized.

Certainly not unimportant is that with every event and with every activity, whether this is an activity with friends or a team event, the surroundings and all the rustic Burgundian that Limburg has to offer is taken into account.

My tasks at Down South Events are mainly customer contact and textual communication. If you would call Down South Events, there is a big chance you will hear my voice on the other side of the phone. But I also respond to your e-mail. I love to help customers with al their questions and take care of a fitting proposal for every event. A different task and passion for me is the textual communication. This means I take care of the website and the proposals, correct texts and if needed translate it to English.

One of the first big Down South events I joined, was an event of the Kronenburggroup. I remember this well, because I was so impressed with the organizers of this event, who made sure the guests got more than they asked for. The event was organized to the details, from fitting decorations to beautiful day programs of which every guest got a copy in their hotel room. The organizers of Down South Events knew exactly how they should interact with the guests and how they could organize everything without being explicitly present. I am looking forward to joining a lot more events like this one!

Myra - Eventmanager
Myra - Eventmanager

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