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We provide customized solutions based on your request

The formal/informal approach of Down South Events makes the process so unique: professional, but in a pleasant, personal way. The enthusiasm, many possibilities, the Burgundian Limburgish feeling, the surrounding and event locations provide a non-standard program. Down South Events coordinates with the client what the wishes are and tries to realize these by finding a fitting activity and location.

This Burgundian approach is seen in the rural surrounding that are used, the details that are thought of and the delicious food and drinks – often local products – that are implemented into the program. Down South Events consists of an enthusiastic and fun but also professional team of great people and bosses who know how to set the tune and who make use of their strong network!

Briefly summarized, my tasks with Down South Events are the informal approach to the guests, conviviality, clean and sort, pay attention to details and make sure that everything looks great and remains looking like this, decorate, hospitality and explain and guide activities.

During my work with Down South Events, I was able to join various amazing events. A circus-birthday where everything fit the theme to the detail, to a matching act in the form of a magician, with delicious food and drinks and a beautiful location. A cave party at the gorgeous location of Chateau Neercanne, where everything was extensively and perfectly arranged. Outings with diverse stops and activities with scooters and 2CV’s, using teamworking, the Limburgish landscape and Burgundian produces. Junes’ babyshower, with impressive details: the invitation, the website, thank you gift, the decoration, location and the food and drinks. And so on!

Lieke - Eventmanager
Lieke - Eventmanager

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