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Down South Events is so unique in every aspect. Nothing is too crazy for Giulia and Ler, and in everything they see a challenge that they love to take on. Down South Events is so good in everything that needs to be done. All is perfectly arranged, and a little bit more.

I love to contribute to several work duties during events and activities. I help with the activities, but you can also find me behind the bar of welcoming the guests. I love to work, because a day with Down South Events is filled with so much diversity. That makes it so much fun. In addition, every workday is a bit different. I mostly try to make sure the clients have a great time, that’s what matters in my opinion.

The most fun event I was at was with Qurios. I did not join a lot of events yet, but I think that this event was a lot of fun especially for the participants. It was a business event at which I would also have a great time from beginning to end. I immediately saw the guests having a lot of fun. That is what matters and of course what makes it a lot of fun for me as well.

Jill - Eventmanager
Jill - Eventmanager

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