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We provide customized solutions based on your request

Down South Events knows how to tastefully realize an event or gathering. We don’t think within boxes, but we find the most unique experiences within a concept. At Down South Events, everything is arranged from the beginning to end. A carefree day is what we offer, for example during an out of the box business event, which is not far-fetched at the same time. Down South Events knows the beautiful south like no other, and knows the best ways to experience this. We surround ourselves with the best staff and this way guarantee a professional and elegant event.

At Down South Events, I am taking care of the marketing and communication. But – as is common at Down South Events – you can also find me at events, like a rally. One of my first events was immediately one of the best. I helped organizing a 2CV rally. The cars created an old-fashioned and fun atmosphere. They force you to pay attention just a bit more and do something you are not familiar with. This makes the rally a fun game, which also creates a relaxed ambience. The cars drove through the Hill country, and while I live in that area, I visited places I had never seen before and wouldn’t have missed for the world. The different stops during the rally were breathtaking and the activities were different and so much fun!

Janneke - Eventmanager
Janneke - Eventmanager

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