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We provide customized solutions based on your request

Down South Events separates itself from other event agencies because the events are organized from the perspective of the client, so every client can have a careless event. With a great eye for detail and quality, Down South Events always offers the ultimate experience, we don’t do things halfway. The team is well matched, small and fun. This makes the experience for the client even better.

Down South Events is the best in surprising the client with a complete experience in which quality and detail play the lead. This is among other reasons enabled by the attention given to the team, so we are great in interacting with each other.

I contribute to the Down South team because I can be deployed flexibly and I am always ready to help whenever it is needed. They can trust me completely in correctly and enthusiastically perform my tasks. I always commit completely for both familiar and new tasks. Up until now, these tasks have been catering, hostess and event manager. I love to do all these tasks, as long as I can make sure our guests have a great experience.

It’s impossible to decide which was the greatest event I joined. After all, every event I worked at until now was so much fun. Working at the events of Down South Events does never feel like working. Whenever we work at a party, it is a party for us as well. Even when I work in the catering and therefore am constantly running, the fun team and the satisfied guests more than make up for it.

Anne - Eventmanager
Anne - Eventmanager

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