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We provide customized solutions based on your request

Down South Events is so unique, because due attention is given to every event we are working for. We will make sure that an event won’t lack anything. Everything is perfect down to the last detail, from appearance to hostesses.

Contrary to other agencies, Down South Events is really giving attention to quality, This way they choose, in my case for example, the hostesses they use at an event carefully. A good hostess does not only take care of her look; she is also very friendly. It’s all about the complete package and not only if the work is done correctly. Other agencies don’t pay that much attention to this.

Personally, I am working with Down South Events as a hostess. I make sure that the guests for an event will be warmly welcomed and receive the information they need. I am very social and not afraid to make conversation, so this fits me perfectly.

I did not work much for Down South Events yet, but I really like every event that is organized. Despite the fact that the tasks that are expected from me are really different, the assignment is pretty much the same: engage with the guests. Therefore, I am really comfortable with everything.

Amber - Eventmanager
Amber - Eventmanager

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